Wish List

Updated 08/09/2022:


Our farm has an ongoing wish list for our needs. We always welcome used horse, dog, and other equipment.

Donations can be left 24 hours a day at the blue box at our entrance gate. If you need a tax receipt, please call the number at the gate and someone will come out to assist you.


Pine Shavings

Hay (Timothy, T&A, or Alfalfa)

Alfalfa Pasture Blocks in 500 lbs or 100lbs

Senior grains, Total Choice Complete Horse Feed (Chewy.com), Supplements

Any and all medical supplies


PUPPY PADS (We can never have enough)

Used sheets, blankets, towels. We go through many a day!

Dog toys

Bully Sticks

Dry dog food (Any brand!)

Wet Dog Food


Collars (Size medium!)


Soccer Balls

We also need privacy fence panels (20) to complete the dog yards so the dogs can have extra time outside.

The Hutch (Rabbits, Guinea Pigs):

Chew sticks, toys, timothy hay cubes

Rabbit timothy based complete foods

Guinea Pig Food (Mazuri or Oxbox only please)

Fresh safe fruits and veggies 

Timothy hay


Flock Block


We need four 4' mesh panel gates for our dog play areas.

In bigger dreams we need a truck and trailer for the rescue. We often have to turn away horses and other livestock because we can't transport them. Luckily the most serious cases we have been able to get assistance, but should we need to haul in an emergency, we would like this to be an option.

RV or bus that we can convert into a mobile unit for adoptions, clinics, educational purposes.

Our Amazon wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3CFUX6ZFPMC68?ref_=wl_share

Our Chewy Wishlist: https://www.chewy.com/g/shining-horse-farm-and-sanctuary-inc_b96260238