Owner Surrender

We understand times can be difficult or the decision to own a pet at this time is not the right match. We take surrenders on a case-by-case basis at the choice of the board members to accept an animal or not. We do not take aggressive or dangerous animals for surrender. Please fill out the form below to surrender an animal to Shining Horse Farm & Sanctuary. Once received, a staff member will let you know that we cannot accept an animal or direct you to the next steps to welcome your animal to our facility. Once an animal is surrendered, you will not be able to own that animal again unless arrangements are made given the circumstances.

Because we firmly believe in animal responsibility, we do not always accept animals because someone no longer wants them. If you feel your animal needs to be surrendered due to an emergency or serious issue, please fill out the form right away. Do NOT call about an owner surrender, you will be redirected to come here and fill out this form.

Please note as of September 1, 2022 we are implementing owner surrender fees for any accepted animal to cover the costs of veterinary care, testing, treatment, and continuous care.

Surrender Form

By clicking submit you are entering an agreement to surrender the animal mentioned above to Shining Horse Farm & Sanctuary. Please send any and all medical records should you have any at the time of approval.