Sponsors & Donors


Palm Beach Shelter Dog Project

The Palm Beach Shelter Dog project helps fund the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs through Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. This group helps our facility set up crates and provided a grant to help with the care of our first round of dogs from the ACC. With their help, they have help networks and save countless dogs.


Amy Szutowicz in Memory of Chance

Amy is honoring her late loved pet, Chance.

Memorial Candle

Leslie L. Alexander Foundation

This amazing foundation is in the progress of submitting one of our largest grants to date which will drastically improve our currently facility and fund much needed animal care services.

Image by Hannah Olinger

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Foundation

The Sheriff's Foundation organization a huge supply donation of dog and horse items in 2022 and we could not be more grateful for all they have done for the animals here!


Phil and Judi Kaplan

Our wonderful neighbors who have sponsored The Hutch. 


HP Inc

A huge thank you to HP Inc!


Kevin & Lori Spellman
Sherry Johnson-Traver
Joellen Cox
Gail Johnson
Rena Eve McVey
Dawn Keenan
Elise Sherr
Gloria Vuksic
Greater Good Charities
Kimberly Schwegel
Ansley Cox
William Sacrey
Cara Bliss
Monica Scarbrough
Naomi Heiman
TMK Studios
Tom Hendrix
Sherry Harris
Karen Krasnitsky
Leslie Ohr
Michelle Giet
Sheryl Spigel
Linda Drury
Daidra Marano
Linda Perrigoue
Leonard Berger
Sea Peach Studio
Jill Wentzel
Angela Wheeler
Maria Bessem
Carole Boyd
Denisa Thomason
Sylvia Worley
Lisa Case
Lynn Rogers
Barky Pines Animal Clinic
Margaret Bush
Francis Kaus
Sheryl Bass
Janessa Reyes
Debra Barron
Brina Lombardo
Lisa Sanzo
Fallyn Shepard
Izabella Marino
Kelsey Gabriel
Leah Stradling
Enythe Green
Merri Smith
Mindy Simpson
Catherine Valiquette
Julia Doman
Diane Allen
Raymond Coulter
Jessica Nelson
Telissa Martinez
Leigh Gibson
Cindy Nichols
Andrea Appel
Carole Taylor
Kat McClanahan
Shanna Jackson
Richard Miller
The Sanson Foundation
Donna Lac
Jody Schenk
Jennifer Wolgemuth
Daidra Marano
Karen Krasnitsky
Andrea Prias
Cindy Emmerson
Robin Black
Jennifer Lori Moldenhauer
Alicia Sheppard
Einat Lapidot
Sherry Harris
Dr. Christine Anderson
Amanda Avery
Melissa Ellin
Sallie Moore
Michelle Beniot
Rochelle Potak


Thank you all!