Mid June Updates

As you can see, our logo and the site have changed a bit. Our logo needed to change to reflect all that we have done and all that we now do so we have added all the new animals. Due to working, training, caring for, and cleaning as well as transport and donation pick-ups, we have opted to stream all of our visitors to come on Sundays with a fee for the tour per person that you can book online.

Saturdays will be open volunteer days for projects.

Our day-to-day volunteers who will be committed to the day-to-day care of the animals will have hours from 8 am until 10 am. This allows our family to still have time gaps for family time, errands, and as needed, earn money to operate the sanctuary.

Meet and Greets will be scheduled during the week to align with our availability and the adopters.

We are trying to find a balance between rescue, family, and work that works for everyone.

Second, we have been applying like CRAZY to get additional funding to complete our wish list, improvements, expand capacity, and eventually, the expansion. We have not had much luck so for now, we will improve what we have here.

Currently, we have several dogs resuming vet clinic visits and several about to start obedience training classes. We have resolved some of the allergy issues finally!

Horse wise, Jasmine is sound again after her injury! She has dropped weight so next week we will be getting alfalfa blocks back in the paddocks. Clover and Spirit are doing well.

We have a lot of improvements ahead with special thanks to an incoming grant. We will be starting on the swine and rabbit areas first.

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