August 29, 2021 Meeting Notes

Shining Horse Farm & Sanctuary

Meeting Notes

August 29, 2021

7:00 pm EST

In attendance: Leanne Witt, Daniel Witt, Gale Witt

Leanne Witt addressed the group to inform them of current animals and care status on the farm, budget, and new information pertaining to the 501c3 status. Previous advice was that because the farm sold products, we would not qualify as a 501c3, however, recent legal advice conflicted this information. In fact, we would qualify as a 501c3 because our products are going to be sold, but all monies made would fund the organization. Leanne requested permission to obtain a FEIN number and a Florida resale certificate so purchases could begin. Leanne led a vote to begin the process to form and become a 501c3 so that we may qualify for grant money to assist in upcoming programs and the care of future rescue animals. Gale, Daniel and Leanne voted for the formation of incorporation and federal tax exemption. Leanne continued that a new bank account would be established strictly for Shining Horse Farm & Sanctuary. The purpose of the farm would be to rescue, rehabilitate, adopt domestic pets and livestock, set up programs at the farm to improve agricultural knowledge in the community, care knowledge of livestock and pets to the community as well as services, provide safe places for people to come and discuss mental health concerns, establish a programs specifically for veterans, a literacy program for children, aide the community, offer volunteer options for teens seeking scholarships to improve the education levels in the community. Our purpose will change and modify to the needs of the community and the animals within it and will become further detailed in time. Everyone was in agreement to proceed forward.

__________________________________________ Gale Witt

__________________________________________ Daniel Witt

__________________________________________ Leanne Witt

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