From Our Founder and President

Shining Horse Farm began in 2005 providing horse care services. In 2018 we broke ground on our first barn at our new location and began taking in poultry, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Upon completion of the barn, our first calling was nurse mare foals. We expanded to a senior mini with a major infection on her face. Then we had an ever-growing and changing population of animals. We added to our name Sanctuary as many animals have found refuge and comfort here while on their path to home. We now rescue, rehabilitate, adopt, offer sanctuary, and so much more. We welcome you and your family to our micro-farm to relax and enjoy this time with all of our wonderful animal friends.

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What we do?

Our farm and sanctuary is a place of peace open to all animals. We specialize in horses however our community needed so much more. We have expanded other areas and lowered our larger livestock areas. We are looking to expand areas on the current location and looking to a larger facility in the future. We have been rescuing animals since 2017 and began transitioning into an official rescue from 2021-2022. We look to expand to offer stray hold shelters, veterinary services, and a pet and livestock food facility to assist owners in their current situation instead of increasing our intakes. We work hard to promote less breeding and encourage spay neuter and microchipping to pet owners. All of our animals leaving our facility will be spay neutered if we are able (Some animals are too old and cannot be such as some livestock). We work to get animals out of bad situations, back to good health and on to the next chapter in their lives. We partner and network with many local 501c3's to give animals the best opportunities. If your rescue has reached capacity please contact our director, Leanne to see if we can help.